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I called GE Monogram customer care at 800-444-1845 and scheduled a service call for a fridge that was not working correctly. The fridge cost $8,000 and is just 4 years old. Repair guy comes to my home and 20 minutes later charges me $602.00 The part replaced was part number WR55X10490 (made by EMBARCO for GE)and I was overcharged $396 for the part. This same part is sold by Sears for just $310. I was then charged $90 for labor despite it taking only 2 min (one Phillips screw) to install as well as a $79.00 service call charge. When you call to make the appointment you are told that the $79.99 service call fee will be applied to any repairs that are made - it was not. When I called today, it took nearly an hour to get CINDY (case # 161318168) to credit back the $79.99 service call fee but she refused to credit back the overcharge of the part, or the $90 that the tech charged for 5 minutes of labor to turn one Phillips screw and a electrical quick connect. Cindy started out nice, but then quickly questioned that anyone sold part # WR55X10490 (Google quickly changed her mind) and she questioned my claim that the service visit fee was supposed to be credited back. After she told me she would credit the service visit fee of $79.99, I told her I appreciated that but felt the other overcharges needed to also be credited and I would take it up with my CC company in the form of a dispute, she said she wasn't going to credit anything. WOW! I called back into her own line and had a service rep confirm it was a standard policy to credit it back if repairs were made did she credit me.

My ask is simple, I want the difference in what GE charged me ($396) and what Sears charges ($310) and half the labor ($45) credited back. Total rip off is $205 of the $602.00 charge. Here is a link to Sears price for the exact part:

In this economy, and on an $8,000 refrigerator that is only 4 years old, why is a company as big as GE overcharging it's customers????

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Gosh! I was going to call GE to service 2 ovens that came brand new in a house my father purchased in October 2007.

The reason why he bought a new house was to not have problems. I think I will just live with the slow pre-heating times and incorrect preheat temp. Sounds like GE just wants to rip off its customers.

Hmmm. they make a ton in profits and pay little in taxes........

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