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We bought a Spectra Stove by General Electric. Biggest mistake I ever made.

I threw my money right down the toilet. One day, shortly after turning on the oven, it caught fire. I left the oven door closed and shut off the breaker. I dragged the offending P.O.S.

outside after the flames went out and threw it in the driveway. After contacting GE consumer relations we were offered a fifty dollar certificate towards another GE piece of ***. Forget it!!!! Don't burn your house down.

Buy something reliable from a competent company. GE stands for "GET EXTINGUISHER".

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Panic is a scary thing with people. First, don't open the oven door, simply cut the power off to the oven via the fuse box or breaker box.

This is true with any type of electrical fire and/or short.

The heating element can short in any oven. It's not just a GE thing.





Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona, United States #1356273

My 2001 GE Spectra oven lower left side element started sparking two nights ago. The fire couldn't be put out with fire extinguisher or baking soda.

Had to just let if burn out. Since it is 15-16 years old not even going to try replacing the element.

Just ordered a new stove. Glad it didn't start our house in fire!!

Wakefield, Massachusetts, United States #1104388

SAME THING!! I was preheating the oven and about 10 minutes into it, I happened to see a fire inside the oven.

It was on the bottom, left side of the heating element. I opened the oven and threw some sea salt on it to no avail.

The element kept breaking off as the fire spread along. It was super weird and like the rest of the reviewers....just really glad I was home and caught it in time.


This happened to me last night with the GE Spectra. Preheating oven and as others have explained, loud pop, flame, Sparks and wouldn't go out.

Turned off circuit breakers still burned. Called 911. Finally went out after unplugging. Scary!

Agree a recall is needed. Can't decide to replace heating element or replace stove.


My comments mirror prior multiple blogs. While hosting a dinner party and entertaining guest the lower heating element in my G E profile spectra stove started to burn and shot off sparks like a fireworks show.

I shut off the stove.

When I tried to turn on the burners finish some of my meal; they would not come on either. Needless to say not only was it a scary and dangerous situation; also my dinner party was a embarrassing disaster.



It just happened to me. I had oven on 350 degrees.

I saw a flame

on the baking element on the left side of oven. sparking and crackles. I turned off oven. flame continued for a few minutes.

Element broke into pieces.

Now I need a new stove right before

Thanksgiving. Should I be another GE?

to SusieQ #1104390

Same exact thing happened to mine....left side of bottom element


We have a GE Spectrum about 10 to 12 years old. Today while preheating the bottom element caught fire.

I threw baking soda on it with no results. I sprayed with a fire extinguisher that made it spark like fireworks. I hit the breaker and it still continued to burn.

It was very scary with kids in the house. It definitely needs to be fixed!


I was just warming up the oven for the family pizza when the Lowe element started smoking and on fire. I turned the oven off and it still continued.

We had to shut all the power out in the house to make it the element fire stop.

Thank goodness my kids were not home alone or this happen in the middle of the night!!! Where is the recall???


On a positive note, my mother-in-law and I both have GE Spectra's since 2000, and have not had any of these issues. Actually we've had no issues.

Still happily using them 15 years later.


a relative of mine just had a ge spectra stove put In her kitchen about two weeks ago, she put a pan on the stove to heat up some oil and within two minutes she smelled smoke and went into the kitchen to find smoke and flames in the kitchen. the person that put the stove In the kitchen got it used from a family member and now doesn't want to take responsibility for the faulty stove..

to Anonymous Parsons, Kansas, United States #1226666

I don't understand how you could hold a relative or anyone else responsible for a "used" stove or anything else "used." Seems to me the responsibility rests solely on the manufacturer. Yes, this stove obviously absolutely should be recalled...

Anyone tried contacting the Consumer Protection Agency about this? I certainly would have if it happened to me.


We have had issues with TWO GE Spectra stoves now. The last one kept turning itself on and setting the clean oven mode...when it didn't need it.

That was weird enough. The stove died finally and we bought another. A week ago, we smelled plastic burning. We went to investigate and low and behold, the darn stove was on fire!

The control panel part was burning, along with my wall. The stove wasn't even in use!! We hadn't even used the stove since early morning, and this was late evening when it just decided to set itself on fire. Thank God we were awake to smell this, so we could kill the power and extinguish the flames.

Scared to death of these stoves that seem to have minds of their own now. I have never before in my life seen a stove that would turn it self on, or just catch fire when not in use. The entire control panel part of my latest one is toast now.

Needless to say, the stove will never work again, without a whole new back panel and all new controls. Really rethinking ever buying another one of these stoves that like to catch fire on their own.

to CatMomma #896281

I just wanted to update my "review". The service tech just left my house, after he "decided" what caused this fire of my Spectra.

I don't believe a word he said, considering he never even put one meter on any of the wires, never checked the boards or anything that a normal tech would do. He just opened the back plate of the stove, went uh huh about a half dozen times, and said it was because a bug had got in there! Really??? A bug walking across wiring would cause this expensive stove to go up in flames???

Sounds like BS to me. I think this guy was just out to make sure GE didn't have to pay for a darn thing. He gave me an estimate of what it would take to fix my fire hazard of a stove and that was darn near $600. I don't think so.

I think that if I have tons of other electronic based appliances and equipment in my home, that may have had a bug walk on the wiring or mother boards and still live without catching fire, I will just go with another brand. This is the third GE appliance that just "died", but the only one that caught fire. All the ones I replaced, were not with GE products and have had no issues at all. Seems GE is not built too well if a little old bug can set the thing a blaze and try to burn down my home.

NOT happy here! Three freaking weeks wait for an appointment to be insulted like this.


Same problem with flames and sparks from the top heating element of our GE Spectra Oven. We bought this house last year and the oven was included. It sounds easy to replace the element, but clearly there is an issue with this design -- how long until the bottom element catches fire and will we notice it in time before the whole house fills with smoke (permanently damaging the resale value) or it catches part of the house on fire?

It is a clear that a recall on this product is LONG OVERDUE.

Virginia, United States #866789

Just had the sparks and flame in my GE Spectra oven too. Thank God the neighbor I had gone over to visit with wasn't home.

I came in to find exactly what others have reported. At first thought I had turned the oven light on then realized it was sparks and flames fortunately turning it off did the trick but the element is burned through. As much as a new stove is NOT in the budget, I do not trust this stove after reading all of these comments.

Especially, it turning itself on.

Colchester, Vermont, United States #862292

My wife texted me to call my son who was home. He was cooking a pizza and couldn't shut the oven off.

Scary. Never buying a GE again.


The infinite switch appears to have gone bad in our 11 year old GE Spectra electric flat top range. Now the burners turn off and on by themselves!

Thankfully we were still awake late last night and realized that something smelled funny.

We had to pull out the stove and unplug it. I don't know if it is worth trying to fix when it looks like my element might catch fire next.


Dec. 25, 2013. Wile heating a ham for Christmas dinner my daughter ask what else I had in the oven. When I opened the door there was a flame under my ham. I immediately turned the oven off, removed the ham, and hit the breaker. We purchsed our new construction home in 2003 and all new GE appliances came with it. New element was $53. Hopefully this does the trick.

C. Rivera

Jacksonville, FL

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